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Vicarage Retrofit

A retrofit of a late Georgian Vicarage

The UK is blessed with a wealth of historic buildings but whist they can be beautiful and tell great stories they are often cold, damp and draughty, not at all comfortable to live in. The client for this project has an ambition to invest in the property so that it will not just be a pleasant building to look at. 


The client came to MJM asking for help to plan how a retrofit of such an old building could be carried out. The wall construction is unusual as it has a cavity but it is built using traditional lime techniques. Any proposals would need to be sensitive to the moisture open (breathable) nature of the walls to avoid locking in damp and causing unintended issues. Moisture analysis (wufi) was carried out on the wall construction to help advise on the appropriate levels of insulation. A further complication is that the walls could only be insulated internally to prevent changing the external aesthetic. This resulted in the choice of a insulated lime plaster system that utilises cork within the build up. 


​A full retrofit plan was developed that incorporated proposals for new wall, floor and roof insulation along with upgrades to the ventilation. The plan was developed in discussion with the client as each decision often had a consequence that required their input. Window and door details, along with others, were prepared and advice provided on products and manufacturers. 

The works are only just beginning on site and the website will be updated as progress continues ...

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