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Side Return

A side return extension to an Edwardian terrace

The client for this project had moved into a 3 storey Edwardian terrace that had a relatively small kitchen. Having a young family they didn’t want to have the traditional layout of a separate dining room, instead having a table in the kitchen and using the original ‘dining room’ as a play room.


Working together with the client MJM developed a brief for a sympathetic extension to the house that would look to keep the existing features of the house wherever possible. It also became obvious that more storage would be required, providing space for push chairs, bikes and household items such as vacuum cleaners etc. 


The kitchen was extended to the side into the unused alley and a new ground floor wc was designed to go under the stairs. Space was then taken out of the new play room to provide storage that could be accessed from both the play room and the hall way. 

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