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A New Build Home

Replacement bungalow

The clients for this project wanted a home near their extended family that would be sustainable and adaptable as they grow old. It was clear that such a home didn’t exist and so the client bought a tired old chalet bungalow that could be replaced with a new structure that could meet their needs. 


Before any design work started, we worked closely with the clients to help them fully explore their brief.  We discussed how they would want to use the home now and how they might need to in the long-term future. Issues such as access, minimising energy use, renewable energy supply, mobility, and maintenance were key issues. 


MJM Architecture then developed the design, starting with hand drawn sketches and then using 3d computer software to help the clients clearly understand what the building would look like in 3d dimensions. In addition to the 3d modelling we also thermally modelled the design so that we could assess the impact of insulation levels, glazing, energy required for heating, and the potential for overheating. 


Planning permission has been granted. 


The clients were cautious of a ‘Grand Design’ with spiralling costs and extended delays, we were proactive in putting strategies in place that could help manage these issues. It was agreed that rather than use a traditional contractor the design should be built as a factory ‘kit’ build using one single contractor to take control of all packages of work. 

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