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Edwardian Villa

The new home of MJM Architecture

Within our homes we all go through the same range of activities: cooking, eating, sleeping, relaxing etc, but it is how we like our houses to respond to us as individuals that never ceases to be fascinating to us at MJM Architecture. This house had been bought and ‘done up’ by a developer in 2015 who probably didn’t share this view. The old and out-dated layout was retained, and every room decorated the same. 


The brief then was to take this ‘blank canvas’ and tailor it to how we want to live in it and create a bespoke home. We wanted the kitchen to be visually connected to the small garden at the rear. Space provided for storage of bikes, tools and a home gym. A formal dining room isn’t required as long as a dining table can be accommodated in the kitchen. An additional bathroom / shower-room is also required. 


A full retrofit assessment was carried out, there is no insulation to the walls or floor of the house and only a little insulation to the roof. A retrofit plan was then developed and therefore, the brief also requires significant improvements to the thermal comfort, the energy required to heat the property and a review of any other sustainable enhancements that can help reduce the impact of the house on the environment.


The works will be phased but it is important that we know what we are trying to achieve in the long run in order that we can prioritise and coordinate the works properly. It means we can plan to put services into spaces ahead of time and we don't have to undo work that has been completed. 

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