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Coastal Family Home by hmad architects

This example project was completed while Mark McPhee worked with hmad architects.

Copyright of Images belong to hmad architects who have kindly granted permission. 

At the start of the project this large private house was in very poor condition but in a fantastic location with amazing views over the nearby coast. Internally it was dark, cold, cramped and had little connection to the outside. The brief was to keep the shell of the building but transform it to a light, warm and contemporary home. 

The internal layout was altered to allow for a new grand contemporary stairwell with large roof light at the top to flood light into the middle of the house. The living accommodation was then laid out around the stairwell to make the most of the stunning views to the sea. A new garden room was added to the back that completely opens to the garden at the rear of the property.

To bring the house up to modern standards the existing floor and roof were completely replaced which allowed them both to be fully insulated. New high quality timber framed windows were installed to replace the old single glazed windows and doors. The existing walls were then lined with insulation before being finished with plasterboard to provide a fully wrapped and well sealed building.  

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