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A Feasibility Study

For buildings to last, they must be adaptable. As families grow, children leave home, or ways of living change, what we need from our homes changes as well. 


This project is for a growing young family with 3 young children who need to add a ground floor cloak room to their 3-bedroom home. At the start of the project we met with the client and discussed their brief. Clients often come with their own ready-made solutions, but we like to dig a little deeper and get to know how the family live and use the spaces. We discuss what works and doesn’t work, what are priorities and what are ‘nice to haves’. 


We then carried out a measured survey of the house, which formed the basis for concept options. We hand draw these to quickly test different ideas and allow the client to see the implications of alternative approaches. The options are not necessarily mutually exclusive and ideas between options can be taken from one and added to another. 


Once a preferred option has been developed and considered with respect to the budget, the next step is to develop the level of detail. This often includes a 3d model to help the client understand how the spaces will look in 3 dimensions. This will be the next step for this project – the results of which we publish to the website soon.


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